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1956 International S-120 4x4

1956 International S-120

1964 now builds 109 ne light duty trucks to match every farm job.

1964 International Light Duty Line

1957 International Golden Jubilee pick-up.

1957 International Golden Jubilee

1939 Advertisement for 2 Speed Axles.

1939 Two Speed Axle

1960 International Scout 80 4x4.

1964 International Scout 80 4x4

1937 International Truck Model AR-626-F full tandem drive with power divider.

1937 International Truck Model AR-626-F

1961 International F-230 Diesel tandem and R and V Line tandem dumps.

1961 International F-230, R&V Line

1957 International B-110 pick up and BC-180 tandem dump.

1957 International B-110 & BC-180

1929 International HS-54 with a Hall Scott 4 cylinder engine.

1929 International HS-54

1920 International Truck Model G

1920 International Truck Model G

1948 International Complete Line Truck ad.

1948 International Truck Ad

1960 Internationa Truck Model RF-190 6x6

1960 International Truck Model RF-190  6x6

1960 International Models BC-160, B-120 4x4's, and B-110.

1960 International B-Line

1953 International Model R-190

1953 International R-190

1941 International Truck Model K-8 Tractor.

1941 International K-8

1949 International KB Line America's largest selling heavy-duty truck at the time.

1949 International Truck KB Line

1938 International Trucks cross country and across town.

1938 Internationals

1941 New K Line Internationals, ultra modern product with a high reputation.

1941 New K Line International

1949 New International refrigerated Metro, choice of two body capacities and two refrigeration units.

1949 New International Refrigerated Metro

1963 International Trucks with extras that are standard when you buy an International

1963 Internationals

1965 International D-1000 1/2 Ton pick-up.

1965 International D-1000

1954 International Metro available in International Trucks with Metro and metroetti bodies.

1954 International Metro

1939 International Six Wheeler.

1939 International Truck

1948 International Trucks, it's millions of miles from market to mouth.

1948 International Trucks

1958 International Truck ACO Sightliner powered B9, the new 401, 461 or 549 cu inch V8 engines.

1958 International ACO Sightliner

1949 International Metro Ambulance in the city of Los Angeles.

1949 International Metro Ambulance

1959 International Line of Trucks

1959 International Trucks

1913 International Harvester Truck

1913 International Harvester Truck

1936 International C Line model C-55-F full tandem rear drive axle

1936 International C Line

1950 International Truck Model LD-305.

1950 International LD-305

1969 International Truck Dutch ad for Model D-1510 1 1/2 ton Fire Truck.

1969 International Truck Dutch AD

1967 International Tri-Drive M Series model M-8234-CBE.

1967 International M Series

1946 International K-8 with custom built extended cab & raised headlights for snow plowing.

1956 International K-8

1969 International Payhauler rock truck model 65C, 22 ton hauler, 19.6 heaped yards.

1969 International Payhauler

1933 International Model B-4.

1933 International B-4

1936 International Model D-55-F

1936 International C-55-F

1971 International Travelall model D-1010 with custom exterior & simulated vinyl roof.

1971 International Travelall

1929 International S-26, with a 6 cylinder engine.

1929 International Truck S-26

1946 International Truck Model KR-11 service ad.

1946 International Truck KR-11

19511951 International Roadliner model L-200 operated by the Denver Chicago Trucking Co., the only transcontinental common carrier of general commodities in America.

1951 International Roadliner L-200

1954 International R-163 Schoolmaster

1954 International R-163 Schoolbus

1954 International R-183 Schoolmaster.

1954 International R-183 Schoolmaster

International PayHauler rock trucks models #65 and #95.

International PayHauler

1967 International B-1000 1/2 ton pick up.

1967 International B-1000 1/2 Ton

1955 R-183 Specialized Schoolmaster chassis, 226 and 244 inch wheelvases, for 25 to 28 foot bodies.

1955 International R -183 Schoolmaster

1961 International I.F.S. Series C-100 or C-110 with leaf springs.

1961 International I.F.S. Series

1961 International Dump Truck Models.

1961 International Trucks

1958 International A-100, 8 1/2 ft long with plenty of bumper clearance.

1958 International A-100

1958 Howe Pumper, tilt forward, cab over chassis by International.

1958 Howe Pumper

1957 International Trucks, economical, usable horsepower, easier driving, bigger payloads, and plenty of strength.

1957 International Trucks

1957 International Trucks Tilt Cab COE Model.

1957 International COE Model

1948 International School Bus, model KB-8 chasis, seats 71 pupils.

1948 International School Bus

1956 International Model R-202 , GVW 29,000 lbs, street flusher in the summer, snow plow and snow removal in the winter.

1956 International Truck Model R-202

1954 International Schoolmaster R-183, accomodates 60 to 66 pupils with 226 to 244

1954 International R-183 Schoolmaster Bus

1977 Internationa Four Wheel Drive Scout Traveler, more space and more payload thab Jeep Cherokee.

1977 International Scout Traveler

1966 International all new Scout Sportop with a new slant-back top, hard or soft.

1966 International Scout Sportop

At the time The Popular 1932 International 1 1/2 Ton 4 Speed Model A-2

1932 International A-2

1952 International L-306, 169

1952 International L-306

1953 International L-306 powere by a Hall Scott model HS-480 engine.

1953 International L-306 Fire Truck.

1931 International A-5 petroleum tanker.

1931 International A-5

1931 International A-7 crane truck.

1931 International A-7

The Six Speed Special Truck made by International Harvester.

1929 International Six Speed Special

1949 International KB-5-M, 360 cubic feet capacity, International Green Diamond 233 truck engine.

1949 International Truck Model KB-5-M Metro


International "65" Payhauler



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